Stop losing sales because the employer doesn't have a payroll slot, or is tired of billing issues with voluntary benefits.
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Self-Enrollment: Face-to-Face or Remote!

Self-Enrollment is completely touchless. Your policyholder enters their payment info authorizing their Piedmont account right from their cell phone while sitting at the enrollment table with you or REMOTELY WHEREVER THEY ARE, 24/7! Self-Enrollment gives you a faster, safer, better enrollment. Piedmont is always pioneering new ways to pay, to help you sell more business.

Why Piedmont?

What do you do when your prospective payroll account doesn't have a deduction bucket for your benefits deductions? Wouldn't you love to write employees of your local branch without having to go through the corporate headquarters?
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People Are Talking!

"Piedmont has made a breakthrough in payroll services..." Agents & Brokers across the country are making Piedmont a highly sought-after resource in the employee benefits arena. They consistently list our responsiveness & innovation as the keys to why they choose to work with us.
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How Does it Work?

Piedmont's goal is to make it easier for your prospects to become policyholders. Our process allows you to write payroll business even when the employer cannot or will not payroll deduct. And it's the easiest part of the overall enrollment process!
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Other Industries

We got our start in voluntary benefits, but Piedmont is pioneering new ways to pay across multiple platforms. If you're in the auto or healthcare industries, a state income tax agency looking for a more efficient way to facilitate taxpayer payments or a union looking for a way to collect dues without relying on payroll deduction, Piedmont is your answer...
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Piedmont's Service

    • No cost to agent/carrier
    • If EE paid, Low, weekly fee
    • If ER paid, Low, annual fee
    • Bills Paid On Time
    • Renewals & As-Earned Commissions Paid On Time
    • No Calls From Frustrated Payroll Administrators
    • Drafts are made on PAY CYCLE; not limited to once per month
    • Exclusive "Direct Deposit Split"
    • Electronic Enrollment
    • Solution for Unions & Associations
  • "Every time we've had to speak with them, they have either been immediately available or returned our call within hours. They "get it," when it comes to great customer service, and "treating others the way you would want to be treated". It has been a genuine pleasure to work with Piedmont."
  • Paper is always accepted, but Piedmont offers an online enrollment process that includes an online enrollment form & SMS text or email "e-signature" authorization. Whether your enrollment is face-to-face, online or call center, Piedmont's online option is the perfect fit! The result is a seamless process that doesn't interfere with your current enrollment process & is among the most secure in the business.
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